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Web App Development

Innovative Web Mobile Apps to Engage Users

The Web operating system has dominated the mobile app development market. We can help you make the most of it by creating feature-rich and future-ready Web apps that will take you ahead of your competition. From startups and small-size businesses to large enterprises and corporate giants, we design and develop Web apps for all types of businesses. We have extensive experience creating custom, stable, and highly functional apps ready to become an instant hit on the Google Play Store.

Web App Development

Our ToolKit

CICC Group’s team has expertise in working with a wide range of languages, frameworks, databases, and tools for Web app development. Our Google certified developers stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to ensure the Web apps that we create perform better.



Kotlin is an open-source programming language used for making native Web apps. It supports full Java interoperability and enables conversion of existing Java codes using a single-click tool. With Kotlin, we can set up a project and get it ready to work within a short period.



Web app development becomes a breeze with the libraries and tools of Java as it keeps problems of native code at bay. Since the Web platform has its own APIs and Java libraries, Java becomes a preferred choice for writing codes for apps based on the Web operating system.

Web Studio

Web Studio

It is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating Web apps. This tool provides dependency management and enables faster coding as Web Studio instantly picks the changes in the code and implements the same without restarting or rebuilding the app.



We are adept in this C-language library and use it to store and organize an app’s data. This relational database management system (RDBMS) is lightweight and can store large records without administration. We prefer SQLite because it can handle all types of data without server constraints.



This IDE for Java comes in handy for developing an app from a set of modular software components, also called modules. NetBeans is an excellent tool to create testing scripts for automation testing. It makes debugging easier and works well with many version control tools.



This Native Development Kit (NDK) for Web allows the developers to use C and C++ codes (that compiles native codes) for creating Web apps. This kit is often used for making Web games and is a great way of improving an app’ performance and achieving low latency.



Since we have a team of talented and experienced Web app developers, we make the most of Web SDK. This software development kit supports the development of apps for all Web versions and comes with all the tools and libraries necessary to write code from scratch.



We specialize in RealDB that allows us to build new apps faster and port an existing app to Web quickly. The object-oriented data model of RealmDB facilitates writing less code and building feature-rich, lightweight Web apps that efficiently use memory and battery life.

How We Create Web Mobile Apps

The success of every Web application development company depends on its process because it determines the quality of the app and the time to market. At CICC Group, we follow an agile development strategy to increase our productivity while keeping errors at bay. The process includes the following steps.

  • Ideation and Planning

    Ideation and Planning

    We kick off the project by analyzing your requirements, understanding your project idea and what you aim to achieve with the app. Once we have all the information, we create a plan to ensure the Web app is developed on time while meeting all your requirements.

  • UI/UX Design


    Based on the brief we receive from clients, our UI/UX design team starts turning sketches into a wireframe featuring individual app screens. If the design is approved from our client’s end, we begin our work on prototype creation, an important step of Web app development.

  • Architecture

    Prototype Creation

    We create a low or high-fidelity version of your vision. A prototype comes in handy in validating your app idea, determining its marketability and demonstrating the design and functionality of the future app. It helps in highlighting unanticipated development constraints.

  • Development


    In this stage, your idea begins to take its final form. After the prototype's approval and implementation of changes based on your feedback, we start developing the app based on human-centric design. We add the required functions and server-side elements to the app.

  • Quality Assurance

    Testing and QA

    Testing is essential to build a scalable, robust, and accessible Web app that performs as per expectations across multiple platforms. Therefore, we test every app for its functionality, usability, performance, and consistency through automation as well as manual testing.

  • Play store Submission


    Once the app gets a go-ahead from the QA team, it is ready to go live on the Google Play Store. We make sure the app complies with the Google Developer Policies so that it is readily accepted on the Play Store. Once deployed, we also help optimize its performance.

  • Post Launch

    Maintenance and Support

    After app deployment, we provide continuous technical support to ensure the app performs according to the client’s expectations. We monitor the app’s performance and fix issues that may hamper the user experience. With our services, your app will always be up to date.

Want to Develop a Successful Web App for Your Business?

Our Web App Development Services

Over a decade of experience in the app development industry has allowed us to gain knowledge and build expertise in creating versatile apps for various platforms, including Web. We help businesses of all sizes overcome the challenges they face by building feature-rich and future-ready apps for Web devices. By choosing us, our clients can avail of a wide range of services under one roof.

Programming Languages

Custom Web App Development

We design and develop Web apps that offer high scalability while addressing the specific needs of your organization. We ensure that the app fits perfectly with your existing business software system, thus eliminating the need for many apps for specific functions.


Web App UI/UX Design

Every mobile user prefers an app that looks good and performs well. That’s why we take the audience-first approach when creating the UI/UX design for Web apps. We design a human-centred UI to ensure the app’s interface solves the end user’s problems.


Web App Development Consultation

Our rich experience enables us to offer top-notch consultation services. From all-round concept analysis and solution specification to mobile strategy tips, we assist our clients at every step of the app development process to ensure they get the best.


Web App Porting

Do you want to make your iOS or Windows app more customizable and improve its reachability? Switch to Web. CICC Group can help make the transition a breeze without loss of data. Porting your app to the right platform can help you expand your business and increase ROI.


Web Web-Based Apps

Web is a versatile OS that offers a variety of ways to present content to users. You can create a web-based Web app that allows JavaScript in the web pages to call upon APIs in your app. Leverage our experience in developing responsive web apps to capitalize on this opportunity.


Cross-Platform Development

Why go for one when you can have both? CICC Group can help you with cross-platform app development so that you can create a single app that works seamlessly across multiple platforms, like Web and iOS. We use tools like Cocos2d, PhoneGap, Sencha and Corona to deliver exceptional apps.

Our Web
App Development

Native App Development Hybrid App Development
Native App Development

Native App Development

CICC Group is a leading Native app development company, building high-quality, robust Native apps utilizing next-gen technologies. Our developers specialize in building Native apps that are packed with dynamic features. Native applications are best suitable for:

  • Enhance performance
  • More secure and interactive
  • Tends to have fewer bugs

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Our Mobile App Development
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CICC Group is a leading mobile app development company in Canada. Here, you get a wide range of digital solutions under one roof. Our services include iOS app development, Web app development, and web app development.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

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Effective & Continuous Communication

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Friendly & Cordial in Nature

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Build Future-Ready Web Apps with CICC Group

CICC Group offers comprehensive Web application development solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. We use the latest Web app development frameworks, like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin to create apps that are scalable, responsive and future-ready. Our designers and developers always update their knowledge of languages, tools and frameworks to offer the best to our clients and build apps that have the latest features.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Support is amazing!

Partnering with CICC Group has provided a cost effective and efficient solution to meet our IT needs. They consistently demonstrate 100% commitment and tenacity to complete the most challenging projects.

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CICC Group is the team you should work in - hardworking, honest and reliable. However, it has been great to work with CICC Group to improve my business and I look forward to more prosperous years with this great team.

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I appreciate the support that CICC Group has to offer. Their team is very receptive to making improvements and adjustments. Their commitment to client success and fair pricing make them the right partner for future projects.

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