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Software Development That Empowers Your Business

CICC Group offers best-in-class software development services for businesses, startups, and enterprises. Our software developers can develop end-to-end custom software solutions that accelerate business growth, drive profitability and improve workflow efficiency. As a well-established software company, CICC Group has gathered some of the best minds in the industry who devise custom software development solutions with the help of advanced development tools and technologies. We empower businesses with scalable, reliable, and high-performance digital solutions.

Software Development Empower

Our Custom Software Development Services

Software Consultings


CICC Group offers in-depth and comprehensive software consultations to help you succeed in extending your market reach, attracting the target audience, and monetization strategies that revolve around business software and applications.

Software Integration & Enhancement Consulting

Software Integration & Enhancement

Our experts can guide you in enhancing your already existing software with digital transformation with the help of amazing features and the latest technologies like IoT, AI, and Cloud computing.

software Migration


We offer software migration solutions for organizations with legacy systems that want to upgrade to the latest technological advancements and innovations that offer improved performance and a more streamlined workflow.

Powering Cross-device User Experience

As a software design and development company, CICC Group understands the importance of delivering the same level of quality, performance, and user experience across all devices, irrespective of their platform or operating system. Our custom software development solutions are optimized for mobile, desktop, tablets, and wearable devices.

Cross Device User Experience Development Services

CICC Group’s Area of Expertise

We are a renowned enterprise development company, known for opening new horizons for businesses across all verticals. Our development techniques and strategies are constantly updated to keep up with the dynamic world of software development. CICC Group is a software development agency that provides state-of-the-art innovations to its clients by adopting sophisticated technology and helps them stand out in the market.

mobile application development

Application Development

artificial intelligence app development

Artificial Intelligence

Flutter Development

Flutter Development

IoT application development

IoT Development

ar vr application development

Augmented & Virtual Reality

blockchain application development


Revolutionary Custom Software Application Development Services

Team CICC Group consists of software developers equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools, and resources to develop exceptional business solutions. They devise products that can be customized to fulfill all kinds of business requirements while delivering a remarkable user experience. Some of our custom software development services are:

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Our expert developers and designers are proficient in providing quality software development solutions. When it comes to guiding others, they offer sound and reliable advice that is based on their profound knowledge of the domain and years of experience.

Software Services

Software Services

CICC Group delivers robust software that is fully customized to meet the unique business requirements of our clients. We build quality software that is optimized, tested, and deployed by veterans who ensure high performance and timelessness.

software testing

Software Testing

We have a dedicated team of software testers who are familiar with the latest testing services and tools. They can run the most stringent tests that check all the vital elements of the application including functionality, stability, and security.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Team CICC Group offers a comprehensive set of software infrastructure services to modernize your organization. They can develop custom software solutions that can rectify infrastructure-specific issues plaguing your business.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software is also known as bespoke software can be described as software that is directed at the needs and requirements of an individual or a business organization. It is a custom-made digital solution, created entirely in accordance with their specifications. Custom software is designed to fit in your business environment flawlessly and can be easily integrated into your legacy systems. It can also be upgraded and expanded in the future thus being a truly scalable business solution.

CICC Group offers outstanding customized software solutions for organizations of all sizes and different industrial backgrounds. We utilize the best web app development and mobile app development technologies, methodologies, and techniques to come up with tailored business solutions. Our custom software application development process is finely tuned to maximize quality, performance, and speed. Custom software development offers many benefits, some of these are:

Enhanced efficiency

Enhanced efficiency

Your business can streamline its workflow and improve productivity with the help of custom software that increases your organization’s efficiency and profitability by being perfectly aligned with your business model and processes.



Data access and security is a huge concern for every company and consumer. With custom software development, you can choose the most suitable data security technology that is ideal for your business and customers.

Integrate features


Custom software development is more budget-friendly and time-saving when compared to traditional off-the-shelf software packages. They also feature useful integration and features that are perfectly in line with your business requirements.

Custom Software Development Services by CICC Group

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, our custom software developers will build you impressive business solutions that are centered around your specifications and needs.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

As a custom software development firm, CICC Group offers robust business solutions made by professionals with incredible technical prowess. We strengthen your organization with applications that are flexible, reliable, and seamless.

software Application Maintenance

Customized Software Deployment

We provide customized software deployment services and strategies to maximize your market reach and brand visibility. Our experts manage all the important post-development activities to drive results and deliver top-notch performance.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

CICC Group offers full-time technical support and maintenance services for your custom software and business solutions. Our team carries out timely updates, optimization, and tends of the issues and queries in a prompt manner.

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

The act of integrating technology to remake a process to make it fundamentally improved, efficient and innovative is known as digital transformation. It changes the entire way an organization operates from the inside out. Digital transformation for businesses revolves around reshaping products, services, and technology into an improved version of their already existing one.

The Advantages of CICC Group’s Custom Software Solutions

We offer avantgarde software development and PHP development solutions that are carefully devised by our highly skilled and experienced team.

trial period

Trial Period

CICC Group services are inclusive of a trial period to test the capabilities and feasibility of the developed custom software. I,t gives everyone an idea about the application’s compatibility and valuable feedback that can be used for further improvements.

employees risk taken

Reliable and Secure

We emphasize data security and proper documentation throughout the software development cycle and post-deployment. Necessary measures are taken to ensure the privacy and security of all sensitive data involved in the development process.

regular meetings

Transparent Process

Here at CICC Group, we understand the value of clear communication and complete transparency with our clients. Regular meetings are a norm and timely updates are provided to keep you up to pace with the development process.

Third-party Application Integrations

CICC Group can integrate your custom software with popular third-party applications like PayPal, Facebook, Google, and many others.

sendgrid mailchimp


Seamless transactional email tracking, made possible with integration with professional e-mail service providers.



Secure and faster online payments for businesses. Integrated internet payment options that suit your specific needs.



Voice, video and instant messaging integrations based on fast, reliable and secure APIs.



Google and Facebook’s popular tools and services like Maps, Street View and various social media capabilities.